Dualism & Reanalogization

Hello together,

good news for art lovers and friends of MissEve & AlexD. In the course of the intended re-analogization, various digital films as well as art objects of different kinds will be offered exclusively in physical stores starting in 2023. This means that interested parties can - if desired - anonymously obtain information access to explicitly erotic art. 2023 opens also the first AlexD art gallery. There the possibility exists - after appointment arrangements - to meet MissEve & AlexD personally. There will be a so-called "Erotic Papers (Erotische Blätter)" available too. So to speak a German/English newspaper, which is offered only in paper format.

Product overview, product information and news

With a password, one can log in to an information page online and, among other things, examine films (film trailers, photography for the film as well as background information). If the «dualism lover» now wants to purchase a film concretely, he can make the purchase however only in the store. Thus, no online personal data related sustainable acquisition takes place.


Product digitization also makes it possible to create attractive, consumer-friendly product designs. In addition to the film download, each film package also comes with a multimedia presentation that the buyer can download to his computer and watch offline at any time. With the purchase, he owns this "forever". If you will, an "accompanying digital booklet to the film" with texts, photos and other video fragments relating to the film.


After on-site payment, the buyer receives a personal password-protected download link. By downloading the film (to his PC) he owns it as a copy, just as he would previously own a video cassette, DVD or Blu-Ray "forever" (principle of ownership re-analogization). Whether he then makes a DVD, Blu-Ray or anything else from it is up to him, as long as he only makes it for his private use. Thus, no online personal data collection takes place here. Only a password activates the download.

This also means: a customer-friendly (somewhat abstractly formulated) local-analog alliance. Although the film and multimedia products themselves are not physically available - consisting of ones and zeros - somewhere - in the truest sense of the word - space-saving in any number,... there is no waste of material, especially in the form of stored or unsold data carriers, thus environmentally friendly and sustainable.  

Behind this concept is the explicit "retro desire" to (re)animate analogous behavior against the existing mass trend in the context of MissEve-AlexD »theatre of lust« art-productions. It is, if you will, a gallery concept. Art exists where it is physically offered.


The first extraordinary film is UND BITTE!

UND BITTE! featuring: MissEve, AlexD, BIGTom, Christina, FräuleinSofie, Jolanta, SandraStar, MarkusWaxenegger, KathleenWhite, JillDiamond, Katja, Beauties from Prague, Angelique, DasBöseFräuleinMina, MissCheyenne, Cherie Noir, AlyshaLaine, BeccyLavender MarcoLong, ParisPink and many more... 

 Further details will follow…  



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