Hello, we (MissEve & AlexD) make art based on early 20th century expressionism.

Phase I We expect from authentically interested a self-motivated, joyful oriented knowledge to this topic and our contemporary contributions to it. See concretely the online presentation: https://www.dualismus.net/ Further important explanations and suggestive impressions for understanding can be found on the website KinkyNature. Who has not seen, read and constructively well understood our explanations there, does not need to contact us - no matter for what reason...[Technical note, ...note(t): Due to the abundance of information and the necessary "comprehension-promoting" readability as well as the aesthetics of the illustrations, a smartphone is not suitable for viewing the above mentioned websites.  The first choice is a computer monitor. With cutbacks, a tablet can be used]. How interested people can participate in the future, be it as players, dualism-art lovers, spectators,...will be presented later in phase II.

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